Norse Midwinter's Night

Through the frigid air and snowy landscape, Lies a small village. From this village rings the joyful sound of Yule tide cheer and the sent of delicious food. Festive decorations about the village brings warmth and good feelings all around. Bellowing laughter and merriment come from the Great Hall at the edge of town.
You fling open the great doors of the hall and you see the most splendid revel your eyes have ever gazed upon. You see warriors fighting over the last wheel of cheese.
You marvel at small children playing with a dragon. On the table you see a feast so vast and scrumptious, that your mouth waters. Lastly you view men and women chasing each other around a stump. Which is quite peculiar. You are welcomed in to join the festivities and joy that only Caer Galen can provide.
We will raise our glass and celebrate with good friends and family. There will be combat (Fencing, and Heavy Suit The Last Wheel Cheese), dancing, games, delicious food, festive Norse garb contest, silent auction for Royal Tavel Fund. and of course Caer Galen Musical chairs! We will also hold the Captain of the Guard tournament and the Harp of Caer Galen.
Midwinter is to be held at the Broomfield United Methodist Church on Saturday December 15th, from 10am-9:30pm. (website coming soon)
Site is dry, feast is included, please check for updates as we make changes.

Your voices will fill the halls and all will revel at the words you share with us. Please share your Norse inspired poems, stories or songs. Bardic will between removes at feast, please contact her Excellency Aldread the Tall for questions or to coordinate when you would like to perform.


Head cook Meradudd Cethin
1st remove

  • Grönsoppa (creamy spinach soup) -V
  • Kaninsoppa (Rabbit/barley stew)
  • shardbread, flatbread and butters

2nd remove

  • Roast beef
  • Epli bakon (apple bacon)
  • Leek and Cheese Pie - V
  • Honey-glazed root vegetables - V
  • shardbread, flatbread and butters

3rd remove

  • Goose with leeks and prunes
  • Rökt fisk (smoked salmon)
  • Carrot casserole - V
  • Pea chops - V
  • shardbread, flatbread and butters


Saturday, December 15, 2012 - 10:00am to 9:30pm
545 West 10th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020
Adults: $15
15 and under: $10
8 and under: free
Family Cap: $40
Non Member Surcharge of $5
Feast is included,SEATING IS LIMITED please RSVP