Order of the Golden Nightingale

given to those persons who have enhanced the Glory of Caer Galen through their achievements in the Arts. The holders of this award shall be styled as Companions of the Order of the Golden Nightingale, and shall be entitled to place the letters C.G.N. after their names. Subject to approval by the College of Arms, the badge of the order shall be: Azure, a nightingale close or.

Standard Text: 

Proclaim to all gentles and nobles and let it be known by these present letters that We, (name) and (name), Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen, send due commendations and greetings.
Just as the powerful, melodious, sweet, rich and varied song of the Nightingale brings beauty to the gardens and fields, so too do the great artisans of Caer Galen bring beauty to our days. (recipient's name) has brought such splendor to Caer Galen. It is therefore with great pleasure that We elect to recognize [his/her] unequalled skills and talents this day by admitting [him/her] to the Order of the Golden Nightingale.
Done by Our Hands this (date) day of (month), Anno Societatis (year), being (year) in the common reckoning of years.