Order of the Foal

given to those persons under sixteen (16) years of age who have shown themselves to be an asset to the Barony. The holders of this award shall be styled as Companions of the Order of the Foal, and shall be entitled to place the letters C.F. after their names. The insignia of the order shall be the some rendition of a horse. Subject to the approval of the College of Arms, the badge of the order shall be: Azure, a horse couchant or.

Standard Text: 

Unto all who come by these letters present do We, (name) and (name), Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen send Greetings.
We have seen that (recipient's name) has proven [himself/herself] exemplary in [his/her] learning, manners, and industry among the youth of Our Barony. We are therefore minded this day to admit [him/her] to the Order of the Foal.
Done by Our Hands this (date) day of (month), Anno Societatis (year), being (year) in the common reckoning of years.