Order of Saint Louis with the Staff

Given to persons of long time participation in the affairs of Caer Galen, spanning at least fifteen (15) years. The holders of this award shall be styled as Companions of the Band of Curmudgeons, and shall be entitled to place the letters B.C. after their names. The insignia of the order shall be a golden cane or a walking stick, which shall display the badge of the order once it has been passed by the college of arms.

Standard Text: 

Raise trumpets to ear, and know all ye who come by these large letters that We, (name) and (name), Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen, send most audible greetings and salutations. Know you all that the ancient gentle who now stands unsteadily before you is none other than the legendary and venerable (recipient's name), whose youth has given way to shrinking bones and graying pate whilst [he/she] did dwell within the fair reaches of Caer Galen. We do therefore admit [him/her] this day as a member of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Saint Louis with the Staff. Henceforth [he/she] shall be styled and numbered among the Band of Right Crusty Curmudgeons of Caer Galen. We confer upon [him/her] the right to mutter and grouse, to reminisce and inform sundry green stripling whippersnappers about how much better things were in [his/her] day. We furthermore charge [him/her] to stand as [he/she] has stood, albeit bent and labored by age, a paragon of the virtue that has ever held [him/her] in high esteem amongst the less aged members of Our populace.
Done by Our Hands this (date) day of (month), Anno Societatis (year), being (year) in the common reckoning of years.