L'Ordre du Cochon Alé

Given to those persons who have achieved seemingly impossible results against nigh insurmountable odds. The holders of this award shall be styled as Companions du Cochon Alé, and shall be entitled to place the letters C.A. after their names. The insignia of the order shall be some rendition of a flying pig, or the badge of the order once it has been approved by the College of Arms.

Standard Text: 

Unto all who come by these present letters do We, (name) and (name), Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen send Greetings. Throughout time, those who have undertaken tasks known to be impossible have met with ridicule from the unkind, sighs of pity from the merciful, and derision and scorn from the rest. And yet some few great and noble gentles among us labor ever onward in pursuit of that which cannot be done. Those who are able to achieve these ends are the stuff of legend, living on in the tales of bards long after the brief light of their mortal life has faded and gone. Such a person is (recipient's name) who did (description of endeavor). Long has this task been thought impossible, not just throughout the Outlands but in regions peregrine and remote. It is in recognition of this monumental achievement in defiance of all chance that We do on this day take and admit [him/her] into the Order of the Cochon Alé that all may know of the miracles [he/she] has wrought. Done by Our Hands this (date) day of (month), Anno Societatis (year), being (year) in the common reckoning of years.