May Events

Here is the list of things coming up in/near Caer Galen this month: 

06 May: Business Meeting 

07, 14, 21, 28 May: 6pm-9pm. Fighter Practice at Sandstone Park in Longmont

07 May: Folkmoot at Fighter Practice. Dress up, bring a snack to share. 

12, 19 May: Archery Practice with Caerthe at Scout Park

11-12 May Coronation - Hinterlands 

25, 26, 27 May: Crossroads - Hawk's Hollow/Grand Outlandish, al-Barran

That's what I've got for happenings. If I've made any errors or left anything out, please feel free to amend or append as necessary

Now, on to other issues:

HE Asta is currently serving as our Waiver Fairy, however with a young child she cannot always be at fighter practice. We would like to see at least 2 more deputies who can fill in when HE Asta must miss practice. If you are interested in helping your barony, please contact me off list. 

We are interested in moving fighter practice to some place more central and more visible (for recruiting purposes). Please contact me off list with suggestions.

Thank you