Candidates' Letters of Intent : Master Ian of Nightsgate & Lady Maria Castellana

Unto The Populace of Noble Caer Galen do we, Ian of Nightsgate and Maria Castelana, send humble greetings.

It is our great honor to have been found acceptable to be considered as potential successors to Their Excellencies Andros and Jeanne-Marie. Having been members of Caer Galen since its early days as a shire, we are very excited that we might have the opportunity to serve the Barony in this capacity.

We realize that the real strength of a Baron and Baroness does not come from directing others; but, rather, from encouraging by praise and recognition. We do not come to this position of service with a specific agenda. Instead, it is our desire to listen to the populous and to help them achieve their ambitions and desires.

The great strength of Caer Galen is the amazing talent and energy of its people. As Baron and Baroness we would make every effort to encourage Caer Galenites to share and spread their awesomeness throughout the barony and the whole kingdom.

Our current priorities are to:

  • Grow the barony by making newcomers and longtime members feel welcome and appreciated
  • Encourage the fighting arts (Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian, etc.) by recognition and the support of skill acquisition. 
  • Encourage involvement in the Arts and Sciences by supporting guilds, workshops and the accomplishments of individual artisans 
  • To seek out, encourage and recognize the good work of the members of the populous of Caer Galen.
  • To foster the spirit of “forsoothly” joy and good fun that has always been a hallmark of the SCA in Caer Galen.

Although we feel that what we will do in the future is far more important than what we have done in the past, our SCA “resumes” are below (just in case anyone was curious about our experience):


Don Ian of Nightsgate,

Master Ian of Nightsgate began playing in the SCA in 1981. He has played in the SCA for over 31 years and has been greatly honored to have served in The Society as a: Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Shire Knight Marshal (Caer Galen), Shire Rapier Marshal (Caer Galen), Baronial Rapier Marshal (Caer Galen), Deputy Seneschal (Caer Galen), Minister of Arts & Sciences (Shire of Unser Haven), Chronicler (Shire of Unser Haven), as the Protector to several Queens and as a member of several baronial and kingdom retinues He is currently the Caer Galen Rapier Marshal and the Kingdom Drop-dead rapier marshal. He is a Companion of the Laurel (Outlands), Defender of the White Scarf of the Outlands, Grant of Arms, Companion of the Argent Hart (Outlands), Companion of the Stags Heart (Outlands), Silver Tyne (Outlands), Companion of the Aspen of Caerthe, Companion of the Gilded Leaf of Caerthe, Trefoil (Outlands), Companion of the Order of Saint Michael with the Harp (Caer Galen), Arch (Caer Galen), Golden Nightingale (Caer Galen), AoA, Baron of the Court (Outlands), Bearer of the Queens Cypher (Madigan II), Bearer of the Queen’s Cypher (Cainnleach, Outlands), Premier Poignard Noir (Caer Galen), Member of the Venerable Guard (Outlands),  Bearer of the Queen’s Cypher (Chiara II, Outlands), Companion of the Order of Saint Louis with the Staff (Caer Galen), Companion of the Order of the Chalice of St. William the Cooper (Caer Galen), Bearer of the Queen’s Cypher (Sabine, Outlands) Companion of the Harp and Chalice of Caer Galen


Lady Maria Castelana,

Lady Maria Castelana grew up in Caer Galen and spent many of her formative adolescent years with this populace who have, as she often says “taught me much, not just about fencing or art or medieval history but also about life, hardship and being a good person.” She currently holds the position of Minister of the Lists for Caer Galen and has also held the position of Hospitaller. She is also a Cadet to Don Massimiliano Pontieri del Sasso, Arch of Caer Galen, Poignard Noir, and member of the Bards Militant. Lady Maria Castelana has also have served on one Queen’s Guard and several baronial guards (holding the positions of both Captain and Lieutenant for Massimiliano and Yazida, Baron and Baroness Caer Galen as well as for Carrick and Katerina of Caer Galen), and on several baronial retinues.