Candidates' Letters of Intent : Countess Matilda Steton & Baroness Anne Bigod

Unto the fine people of Caer Galen does Countess Matilda Seton and Baroness Anne Bigod send most happy greetings.

As you know, we have sent a letter of intent to the Crown asking to hold the lands of Caer Galen on their behalf as Baronesses. Caer Galen is a healthy and happy haven, and we want to continue the good works of Andros and Jeanne-Marie.

Here is a bit about us:

Mistress Anne has been in the SCA since 1998. She has served as Kingdom Chronicler and on several Royal Retinues as head lady-in-waiting. She has run tournaments as Marshal-in-Charge and as List Minister. She has taught classes on lucet, knitting and how a well packed basket can save a Queen’s life. Anne can take on any special project, from fundraising silent auctions to coordinating the publication of known world event proceedings. In real life, she is an executive assistant to three high-maintenance executives. Before that, she was the Executive Director of an assisted-living building. Both jobs have given her innumerable skills that will help her to foster Caer Galen as Baroness. Relevant awards include Mistress of the Pelican and Defender of Silver Tyne.

Mistress Matilda joined the SCA in 1992. She has held various offices including, Seneschal of Readstan, Gimlet Herald for seven years, Blue Iris Herald twice, and Kingdom Rapier Marshal. She has had the honor of serving the Outlands as Queen, many years ago. Special projects have included running Queen’s Prize for Queen Madigan, deputy land coordinator for Estrella, and Marshal-in-Charge of all rapier activities at Grand Outlandish. She has taught classes on medieval letter-writing and Outlands’ customs and traditions. Her mundane job is Bench Artist/Project Enforcer for Ildanach Studios, which gives her a special understanding of how to foster artists. Awards include Laurel, Pelican, Defender of the White Scarf, Defender of the Stag’s Blood.

Together, we are a dynamic force of nature, using our powers only for good. If we are given the great honor of being the Baronesses of Caer Galen, we have the following goals:

  1. Recruitment and retention by working with Caer Galenites to create “newbie kits” – loaner garb, copy of recent newsletters, extra feast gear, etc. Encourage individual fostering.
  2. Encourage mid-level players to travel more and explore the SCA on a kingdom level.
  3. Re-inspire peers and recharge their joy, so they may continue to share their skills and experience with the Barony.
  4. Advocate for the populace to the Crown and represent the Crown to the populace.
  5. Encourage fun, medieval-like, and inclusive shenanigans.
  6. Travel to smaller, outlying shires to bring fun and, if needed, words from the Crown. Bring people with us.
  7. Encourage and organize local workshops – everyone can have cool stuff!

We have thought and discussed this thoroughly with each other as well as with trusted friends. We have experience in all aspects of the SCA – fighting, fencing, A&S, service, formality and casual silliness, a little archery and a tiny bit of equestrian activities. We have the financial means and flexibility to take on the job. We have reliable vehicles and a good-sized house to host workshops, philosophy discussions and other various gatherings. We are known throughout the kingdom and feel we would represent the spirit of Caer Galen well. We do this not for personal renown, but for our love of and duty toward Caer Galen and the Outlands. 

We thank you for your consideration. 


Yours Assured,

Anne and Matilda

Leanne and Wendy Neathery-Wise

516 Cameron Court

Longmont, CO 80504