Caer Galen Defender

Top 5 Reasons You Should Come to Caer Galen Defender 2014

5.  You’ve always wondered what fighting at 9,000 feet would do to your fighting and shooting skills.
4.  You’ve always wondered what drinking at 9,000 feet would do to your buzz.
3.  You’ve always heard much ado about the fabled Caer Galen power-lounging--and you think you’d be a doughty and puissant power-lounger!
2.  You’ve always heard that partying with Caer Galen is like partying with a bunch of monkeys.
1.  You’ve always wondered what kind of shenanigans you could get up to with Baron Andros and Baroness Jeanne Marie, if they didn’t have the dignity of their office to uphold.


If you haven’t already heard--our much beloved, revered, and admired (desired, too!) Baroness Jeanne Marie and Baron Andros of Caer Galen will be stepping down at Caer Galen’s Defender, and the new leaders of monkeys--Ladies Ann and Matilde--will step up to lead the rest of us!!  You better come and give hugs, kisses, and drinks to the departing and arriving Baroness and Baron of Caer Galen!!  

But wait--there’s more!!  There are two peerages in the offering.  The Order of Chivalry to Lord Alisdair and the Order of the Laurel to Lady Mirabelle


July 3--6:  opening around 3 pm Thursday, closing 2 pm Sunday.


At Uncle Charlie’s Ranch (very close to Pickle Gulch site).  Take your best route to Hwy. 119.  In between mile markers 10 and 11, you’ll see an exit for Missouri Gulch Rd (it’s a T-intersection), don’t turn at  Pickle Gulch, keep going straight until you see the sign for Uncle Charlie’s Ranch. Look for the SCA signs.  You can drive on site to sign in and drop off, then go park.  



What to know and bring:
- We will have a water buffalo on site for people who are travelling far or if you run out. But plan on bringing your own water for drinking and washing.
- There are lots of trees and shade but remember to bring sunscreen. Aspirin helps with the altitude if you’re unaccustomed to such high altitudes.

- You will need to plan on packing your own trash out.  No dumpsters on site!

- In addition, bring some spending money--if you so desire--  we will have merchants!
- We will provide dinner Friday (bring a side dish to share) and Saturday and will also do breakfast Saturday morning. See below for schedule!
- Please be advised that although we've done major work clearing rush and bracken, you might want to bring some tools -- rakes, shovels, hoes will come in handy!


Merchants:  If you’d like a table/booth, please contact us right away.


Defender 2014 Schedule

Thursday (July 3rd)

  • 2pm: site opens--set up, get hammocks up, hang out, have fun

Friday (July 4)

  • 9am:  Breakfast of champions--heavy fighters--not food. . .

  • 12pm:  Opening Court--a quick hello

  • 1pm Defender Archery Tourney

  • 4pm Fencing game begins

  • 5pm Court Dancing

  • 6pm Dinner. . .Bratwurst--please bring a side dish to share

  • Evening--Vigils for Mirabelle and Alasdair

  • The True Outlander Game


  • 8ish Breakfast Burritos

  • 9am Royal Court/Investiture/ New B&Bs Court

  • After Court--lunch on your own

  • 12 pm Defender Heavy Tourney

  • 3pm Defender Fencing Tourney

  • 5pm Evening Court and Peerage Ceremonies

  • Following Evening Court--Pig Roast!!

  • The Night is dark and full of partying Monkeys--bring your fun selves to Town Hall

    • (if you have drink and libation donations please see Lady Lana when you arrive)



Sunday (July 6)

  • 9 am Breakfast if we have leftovers

  • 2pm goodbyes and packing--site closes


Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 3:00pm to Sunday, July 6, 2014 - 1:00pm
At Uncle Charlie’s Ranch (very close to Pickle Gulch site).
Adults: $20
Children: $10
Family Cap: $40
Uncle Charlie's Ranch
2295 Mossouri Gulch Rd
Blackhawk, CO
Lady Olivia Montoya (MKA: Olivia Doll)
Lady Mahara (MKA: Jenn Thompson)